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Protect your license

Having your license suspended doesn't just mean that you are no longer able to drive your vehicle. It also means you may no longer be able to get to work or to take your children to their afterschool activities.


That's why, when you get a ticket or fine that threatens your license's status, you want a lawyer that can act quickly and has the experience to know what steps to take to increase your chances of getting a favorable result.


Whether you are late on fines you never knew existed or are trying to keep your license after one unfortunate mistake, Seth M. Hunter, Attorney and Counselor at Law PLLC will fight for you.

Dedicated service you can count on

Make fines more manageable

If you think you have a justifiable reason that your fines should be lowered or that the ticket should be thrown out entirely, you can count on our thorough staff and aggressive attorney to explore every avenue to put together a successful case.


Fight for a work permit

In some cases, an argument can be made to get you a work permit that allows you to still take care of your family and keep your job.


Wipe tickets off your record:

 • Speeding tickets

 • Operating while intoxicated

 • Failure to maintain control

 • Driving without a license

 • Expired vehicle registration

 • Failure to stop or yield

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