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Give your business a solid foundation

Even the best intentions can go astray when it comes to matters that involve legal technicalities if these situations aren't approached by someone with the proper training and experience.


Your restaurant, bank, or other business is far too important to leave to chance - call in Seth M. Hunter, Attorney and Counselor at Law PLLC and get help navigating those tricky legal waters and fighting for the result you want.


Whether you're starting a new business on your own or joining into a partnership, our dedicated staff will make sure you're prepared with contracts that are binding and legal representation that is aggressive when you need it to be.

Protect the needs of your company

Work towards a fair resolution

If you are in a business dispute with a partner or employee, you may not know exactly how to proceed in order to reach a successful resolution.


We are able to handle a variety of business disputes for you, solving your immediate problems with compassionate and aggressive representation while keeping your company's long-term goals in mind.


Find a lawyer that will prioritize your needs:

 • Business litigation

 • Contract disputes

 • Breach of contract

 • Partnership disputes

 • Shareholder disputes

 • Management conflict

 • Banking law

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